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Majoring in Anthropology at Catholic University is the beginning of a lifelong relationship. What you learn here and the relationships you build while studying here will forever be a part of who you are.

Anthropology grads have gone on to graduate schools in the U.S. and abroad, into media and advertising, information technology, market research, health care, government, education and many other fields. The insights of Anthropology into human beings, societies, history, and culture have formed the foundation of the broad range of successful careers represented by our alumni.

The Catholic University of America Alumni Association has chapters around the country that serve to strengthen connections among alumni. Alumni Association chapters and groups also provide career and life experience networking opportunities; promote life-long learning through educational events; and assist the Office of Admission by recruiting the next generation of Catholic University students.

We invite alumni to support the Department of Anthropology by becoming a mentor or employer for our students by signing up through our Career Services office. Support our programs through a financial contribution through our Alumni and Advancement office. Pray for our students and the success of our programs.

Please contact a member of the Division of University Advancement to learn more about how you can contribute to the continued success of the Department of Anthropology:

  • Wade Stokes - Assistant Dean of Advancement, Arts & Sciences: 202-319-6885 or
  • Ryan Kehoe - Assistant Director, Leadership Annual Giving: 202-319-6041 or
  • Cover of the book Blackbeard’s Sunken Prize: The 300 Year Voyage of Queen Anne’s Revenge

    Alumnus Boarded Blackbeard’s Ship

    Mark Wilde-Ramsing, who earned his master’s in anthropology at Catholic University in 1984, delivered a lecture and book signing of Blackbeard’s Sunken Prize: The 300 Year Voyage of Queen Anne’s Revenge at Catholic University, hosted by the Anthropology department.

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