Jon Anderson


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  • Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • Contemporary Middle East
  • Information Technology Cultures
  • Globalization and Civil Society
  • Dr. Anderson has done research on tribalism in Afghanistan, Islamic cosmology in Pakistan, Catholics in the Bible Belt South, and more recently on the information revolution in the Middle East, where he has studied Internet pioneering in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.  He has lectured widely — recently at the universities of Westminster and Durham in the UK, Lund in Sweden, Lyon in France, Charles University in the Czech Republic, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, George Washington, and Georgetown, where he was co-director of the Arab Information Project of the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies.  His current interests are civil society, cyberculture, and globalization in the Internet age, which are reflected in a keynote address on Blogging, Networked Publics and the Politics of Communication for a symposium of the University of Arizona School of Journalism.

    Selected Publications

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