Liliana Duica


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  • Dr. Duica, a native of Colombia, brings deep experience in conflict studies with field research design, implementation, information analysis, and dissemination. Her research topics include hybrid governance, insurgent technologies, environmental crimes, rural development, war ecology, illegal armed groups and indigenous communities.

    Dr. Duica began her career analyzing patterns of land dispossession by Colombia's illegal armed actors and conducting fieldwork along the borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru. She supported the implementation of post conflict policies on land titling, rural development and state building in challenging ecological contexts in Colombia’s Pacific, Caribbean, and Amazon regions. She assessed the main human rights challenges in Colombian departments heavily affected by coca crops and drug trafficking (UNODC) and main violence challenges for vulnerable claimants of dispossessed territories within restitution processes (USAID); and identified patterns used by illegal armed actors to seize lands including the use of cattle, woods, palms and other kind of agriculture and livestock (Open Society Institute). She also researched FARC guerrilla strategies used to grab lands in fragile ecosystems (Universidad de los Andes-law faculty), and about hybrid governance on Colombia’s southern border (CUNY University).

    Dr. Duica has worked with national, regional and international stakeholders coordinating joint actions, following up projects, and evaluating public policies. She coordinated work teams within the Colombian government (Ministry of Agriculture, Defense, National Planning Department, National Ombudsman Office and National Comptroller Office) and also within international agencies (USAID, IOM, UNODC and Swiss Cooperation) and consulting firms as Ernst and Young. Currently, she is a researcher at the Baruch College, CUNY, consultant at the Foundation for Conservation and Development in the Colombian Amazon and lecturer in the anthropology department at The Catholic University of America in D.C

    Selected Publications

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